Go Blood!

To work/speak intensely, to be competitive
doing something to it’s fullest; doing something well;
In 2016, I got the opportunity to work for one of the greatest companies in the WORLD.
Playing the role as the the Consumer Experience Coach (Manager) at the Flagship store, leading a one on one service pilot program was by far one of the most memorable moments in my career. However, between navigating the workload of product launches, people development and doggonit, a high heel fashionista wearing SNEAKERS on a daily basis got the best of me. The stores anticipated closing lead me to look for other work opportunity but certainly birthed a love for the iconic company. In that time, I gained over 17 pounds. SEVENTEEN! I’m actively working on regaining my comfort in fashion and combining with the new love for active wear. But there’s so much more to achieve. And to obtain it all, I will “Go Blood”
Gap Crop Pants: $65.90
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Trinidad Trip 2018

The first trip of my year was nothing short of amazing. I had the luxurious honor flying to the wonderful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. My partners manager and good friend agreed upon a destination wedding, affording guests, friends and family the opportunity to “lime” and enjoy a bit of cultured relaxation. Our 6 day stay was filled with great excursions like a boat and beach lime, networking and of course a bashment after a beautiful wedding. Having this be my first rip out of the country since 1998; I created a list of the TOP TEN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 2018 TRIP TAKE AWAYS



10. Don’t over pack. All you’ll need is one good heel. Your loyal flip flops and a nice pair of flats- whether a slip on, sneakers or a basic sandal. The biggest mistake one could make would be wearing heels in a country that has more grass than it does sidewalk.

9.Cards are fine.  Most places actually DO accept credit cards. If you do try to change ash, kepthe bills low like $20’s, $10’s, 5’s, etc. It can present a challeuto process conversion at times.

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Baby, It’ Cold Outside- Don’t Believe The Hype

Courtesy of Instagram
Courtesy of Instagram
This morning, the snow and view from my window was all too intriguing. Zac woke up full of excitement anticipating his interaction with all of this beauty and eagerly got dressed to start the day. I usually have second thoughts about taking him out in the snow but every time those questions arise, I think back to my own childhood and remember the days I enjoyed making snow angels and snow ball fights… But then, I snap into reality and think about the cold he’d just gotten over. Well, today my adolescence won and I triple layered Zac to brave the snow, taking the scenic route to the grocery store.
(Pardon the brief profanity)
Now, there’s been a lot about this magical un-melting snow in New York City. Ive seen several dozen videos regarding this and did a little investigation. To put it simply, dry snow+ dry air+ trying to melt fire= sublimation. Basically, because our air and temperatures have been so low and dry, the snow has difficulty melting as we know it. So instead of seeing actual liquid when fire is place, it vaporizes. We’ve all learned this in school at some point. Don’t believe the hype lol. 
The government’s not after us with this one lol.
So, I’d like to know, how did YOU spend your snow day?
Did you fall for the hype?
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Zac’s First Music Class

This week, Zachary and I were invited to participate in his Grandfather- Matthew Jamison’s Musical instruction class, Feed Your Mind Music. It’s an awesome opportunity for children to develop musical skills and engage in extra-curricular activities at no cost. After school on Tuesdays and Saturdays, two musical instructors teach children the concepts of music from an interactive perspective. I was a little nervous with Zac being the youngest in the class but found myself amazed at his level of concentration. This guy THOROUGHLY enjoyed the class although, I found myself being a Mommy and stepping in to assist him despite the skilled instructor doing a great job at directing.

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Staten Island Ferry with Zac!

There are very few people who are on Zac’s “Favorites” list. My sister Seanice (aka Auntie Niecey) happens to be one of them… So much of a favorite; he begged to go on an “adventure”, meeting her at the Staten Island Ferry after work today. After waiting half an hour for her boat to arrive, we decided to make the slightly sleepy Zac’s adventure even more exciting. We walked around the deepest corners and attacked the nearest Dunkin Donuts for their 99c any size iced coffee. While my sister and I basked in the great large coffees, Zac enjoyed his fancy cup of free warm milk. I find the best way to keep my chipmunk awake when he feels his bed calling to create moments of adventure. Any everyday task  like “The Book Museum”/ The Library or “The Clothes Museum”/ H&M becomes a wonderland waiting to be explored.  The adventure ended as the three of us raced to the empty Wall St station… of course Zac beat us to the finish line.

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United Colors of Benetton’s New Season in Kids

This Season, United Colors of Benetton is screaming at its competitors!
High quality sweaters and super strong denim has Mom’s and kids alike in a state of “WOW”. Zac’s grandmother got him an awesome collection of United Colors- Kids gear for Christmas. After we tried on the clothes, I fell in love with the quality and did some investigation on their website. You’ll find a great display of the upcoming seasons goodies for kids of all ages. I selected the “shop” and found some of the items Zac received. I honestly fell in love with the idea of being able to see what they have now and what is soon to come. There is currently a sale of up to 50% off which I will be patronizing!
My Grandparents celebrated their Golden 50th Anniversary.  While picking out clothes for the party, the first thing Zac could think of wearing was his logo sweater. I of course intervened and incorporated a little bit of ZARA and H&M.
Take A Look!

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Slow Down Sunday

Early Sunday Morning, Zac and I decided to visit our old church in Brooklyn. After getting dressed we headed towards our local bus stop and learned the bus wouldn’t come for another 30 minutes and 86’d the whole idea. As an alternate plan, we headed to see my Grandparents and basque in whats left of the 50 degree weather.

Childrens Place Woven Shirt,
Children’s Place Vest,
H&M Men’s Bow Tie,
Tumble N’ Dry Jeans
Zara Leather Desert Boot

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Restoration Rock!!

Zac and I stumbled upon this years 7th annual 
Restoration Rocks Music Festival!
After waking up to the sound of awesome oldies music, I decided to get my chipmunk dressed to see what all the excitement was about. As we got ready, the music seemed to get better and better… And as my excitement built, so did my sense of hearing when my front door opened. Before I could peep out my bedroom door, it was my MOMMY who came to surprise us! I slipped into a simple maxi dress, ankle boots and denim jacket (which the weather was oh-so fitting) and ran out to see a massive crowd that had taken over Fulton street. Both Brooklyn and New York avenues were blocked off with little shops and tables with African Decals, face painting and informational booths. My Mom ran into an old friend who sells African jewelry and caught up on info like how her daughter now owns a cupcake empire (more info here) as Zac met up with old friends, got his face painted and photo’s taken by the events photographers.
Chrisette Michelle sang her neck off and Leon reminded us of how handsome his handsomeness was. Big Daddy Kane hit em with a quick one while the crowd lasted for hours afterwards. It was awesome to see my neighborhood be able to entertain and socialize so freely.
No overwhelming police policing or violent rampages as I remember only a decade earlier.
Restoration Rocks definitely served as a re-introduction to the world the Bed-Stuy is better.
Hopefully these events can last a longer or even expand

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8 Signs You May Have Trouble Being Single

At times as single a single woman, you’ll find yourself waiting for companionship or a dating partner. All of your girlfriends seem to be in successful relationships while you find yourself recycling phone numbers in your contact list. Take a look and see if your stuck in the past and may have trouble being single…
  1. There’s an ex you’ve been holding on to for 3-4 years. You’re not completely attracted to, you know he did you a tad bit dirty but, for some temporary testosterone, you’ll hit an occasional movie and let him make a move or two on the low.
  2. Dating the same lame guy for several weeks, you notice he has traits you can’t quite ignore or get over. After dropping him, you find yourself reuniting and putting up with nose picking/boring conversation/ too loud gangster rap music in lieu of cuffing season
  3. You’re contact listing has the phone number from the guy you met at the Publix/Pathmark last summer that never called… He might remember how great your meatloaf recipe was
  4. You find yourself adding an ex or former date on social networks (instagram, facebook, twitter) to let them see what they may be missing or “He’s still single, I may have a chance”
  5. The Black Swan bar on Bedford was his as much as YOUR favorite spot on date night… There’s nothing wrong with making an appearance… you just make sure your outfit is right in case he or or one of his friends show up
  6. You give the not-so-tall-or-cute guy at the club your number hoping your standards may be too high, “He might be different than the others”
  7. At least 5 men in your neighborhood/at work/at church have your number in the spirit of keeping your options open
  8. You have wandering eyes. After getting off the train from work, you’re constantly looking around and overly aware. You find yourself locking eyes mostly with men and at least 4 per block radius.
One thing I’ve learned from many different men…
They can literally smell an insecure, lonely, desperate woman.
The good ones gravitate to women who are focused and limitedly aware of the guys around them. Walk with your head high, spend more time thinking about how to make work a little easier tomorrow or how many accounts you can close instead of how slim the pickings of handsome men there are near your job.
Most importantly, being alone is a great time to develop yourself and learn some things you weren’t aware of.

What are some extra signs you know of that display trouble being single?

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