About Us

The Dynamic Duo

Every story has a beginning. Here’s ours. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to South American parents, I was determined to break into my independence from a VERY strict household as an 18 year old entrepreneur. I’m talking custom myspace pages (for a fee), joining a music production team, free-riding my way through a CUNY  graphic arts Bachelors program, and a part time gig at the Gap. In my minds eyes, life could get no better than that. Living in a studio with my sister-cousin, best friend and boyfriend nearby, the fast life caught a hold of me when of all people, my MOM tells me to take a pregnancy test. (that story, I’ll tell later).

Fast forward from a VERY positive pregnancy test, I was faced with the unimaginable.


Choosing to hideaway in Atlanta, my then boyfriend and I soon parted ways while I chose to raise this strange alien human thing by. my. self. If you’d ask anyone who knows me, my Christian, God-fearing, dont-ask-me-to-baby-sit-cuz-I-dont-like-kids self would have told you that I’d never have children. Yet somehow God chose me. I took my role like a champ. Said I’d be responsible. Militant. Feeling-less. Execute my tasks as a parent should. Afraid to lose my self, my style, my zeal, I far from embraced the idea. But then I met him. I actually met “the creature”. The peanut head, “butterball turkey” was mine. He broke me down! Now, it took some time, but I came back to Brooklyn and BOY, can this city really bring the REAL. I needed this guy. Zac would soon be my inseparable guru partner who knows just what to say and when to say it.

All in all, this site is not only a dedication to Zac, but an open book to all single parents hoping to navigate their lives while staying true to themselves yet honoring the new life ahead.

I’ll forever be a Mom... but I can’t forget the Me.