BrunchCon NYC 2018

BrunchCon 2018 was amazeballs!

A day of free flowing drinks, exploring, friendships and networking! I was invited by my sister to participate in the 3rd annual BrunchCon where hundreds of loyal brunch goers meet to learn of local eats, groove to good music, and a great time with tons of photo op. Courtesy of Lyft, I rode my way to the Brooklyn Expo Center where I met a decent line and walked my way right into the VIP entrance. I was greeted by two lovely ladies who checked my online ticket, swagged me out with a wrist band and laced me with a well filled VIP swag bag. Topping the warm welcome with a generous mimosa upon entry, I glided in and met my sister and her good friend. We joined tons of lines- chicken and waffles, hoagies, meatballs, iced cream, drinks, drinks and more drinks!


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Staten Island Ferry with Zac!

There are very few people who are on Zac’s “Favorites” list. My sister Seanice (aka Auntie Niecey) happens to be one of them… So much of a favorite; he begged to go on an “adventure”, meeting her at the Staten Island Ferry after work today. After waiting half an hour for her boat to arrive, we decided to make the slightly sleepy Zac’s adventure even more exciting. We walked around the deepest corners and attacked the nearest Dunkin Donuts for their 99c any size iced coffee. While my sister and I basked in the great large coffees, Zac enjoyed his fancy cup of free warm milk. I find the best way to keep my chipmunk awake when he feels his bed calling to create moments of adventure. Any everyday task  like “The Book Museum”/ The Library or “The Clothes Museum”/ H&M becomes a wonderland waiting to be explored.  The adventure ended as the three of us raced to the empty Wall St station… of course Zac beat us to the finish line.

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