Out with the OLD, in with the LEGENDARY

     My all time favorite singer Anita Baker is back on the scene. If you’re a fan of great music you’ll know that she’s EASILY an R&B/Soul Legend. I remember growing up; getting home after school, throwing myself against the hardwood of my living room floors and popping in the ‘Rapture’ album. I’d listen to her for hours… ‘No one in the World’, ‘You Bring Me Joy’ and ‘Mystery’ are by FAR some of the greatest records ever made.

Most recently, she’s taken over one of the hits of my time (the 90’s), ‘Lately’ by Tyrese. Also known as staple in the Male R&B world, Tyrese has “gifted” Ms Baker this beautiful song and allowed to infuse her Jazz and Soul genius within the music.
Here’s a video clip of the song… Amazing!

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