Check Your Arm Swag!!

Check Your Arm Swag!
After waiting TWO HOURS for my N.O.T. (Never On Time)designer bud, I walked the historically imprinted streets of Dumbo for my favorite goodie. I stopped affront the DOPEST window of garments and accessories to find JUST what I’d been waiting for… 

A perfectly displayed chest of ARM SWAG.

“ARM SWAG?” you ask is the coolest collection of watches, bracelets, and beaded wristlet meant to beautify your Arm. Over the past few years, I’ve managed to collect a series of colorful friendship bracelets, and unique wrist paraphernalia that never ceases to catch the eye of fashionista’s and artists alike. Check your favorite celebs like Gwen Stefanie; Taylor Swift, and Nichole Richie are known to rock some of the prettiest of them all.
Here are a few of my favorite bloggers, stylists, and looks with the best Arm Swag…

Arm Candy, Arm Swag, leather watches
Brilliant Leather Watches I found In Dumbo

Arm Candy, Arm Swag, Friendship Bracelets
Friendship bracelets from Dumbo

Aimee Song’s Arm Swag
Folake Kuye 

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