AfroPunk 2012: “I stand behind it. I GUARANTEE it”.

       Who can resist the awesomeness of the 
AfroPunk Festival?
Every year since 2008, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the rawness and excitement of great black artists. Whether it be great musicians, skaters, or painters, each year AfroPunk has something new to offer. At Commodore Park, wonderful people put together this “great engagement” where you’ll get to whitness BMX Rider contests, Live performances from both renowned, Independent, and basement bands, Graf artists and designers; all uniting for two whole days. 
Unfortunately last year, Brooklyn missed out on all the fun thanks to Hurricane Irene. This year, we have tons to look forward to.  Best of all, 


Click Here for more info on the AfroPunk Festival
I created a horribly made video my 2nd year of attending AfroPunk (2009).
As a treat (and potential embarrassment to myself), I’ve posted it here on MommeNYC

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