And We’re Off!! To the Book Museum

Zac wearing Gap Newsboy cap, H&M polo, Gap Bike Tie, Zara Pant, H&M High Top

Zac’s two favorite things I MUST PACK… Crackers and Thomas

Brooklyn Museum 

For the past 2 months, Zac has been asking to visit the “Moozeeahhm”…
His Grandpa took him on an awesome trip to the historical Brooklyn Museum a few months back and he can’t seem to get it out his noggin. On Mom.Me-Sun days, I ask him what it is he’d like to do and of course, the “Moozeeahhm” pops up as an option. So, we’ve visited DOZENS of self-made museums thus far….
The “Clothes” Museum…
The “Bank” Museum
and my favorite…
The “Grocery” Museum.
Most recently on our day-cations, we visited the “Book Museum” otherwise known as the
His excitement and enthusiasm made me the happiest person in the world!
We’ve gone to many libraries before but this one seemed to make a lasting impression. Everyone was so friendly and the massive front entrance left seating for us to eat our snacks, run around,  and take in the sun. We took a walk over to the Brooklyn Museum and walked around (or as Zac calls it- an adventure) the outside of the museum.
Most Brooklynites know, the Museum hosts Target First Saturdays… free events every first Saturday from 5pm-11pm showcasing artwork, film, and live music. On those days (particularly the first Saturday of the month) where there’s absolutely nothing to do and I wanna dress up (or down) to get out of the house, I head to first saturdays. Its a great way to meet people and add to cultural insight.
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