Father’s Day Memoir

I remember walking home with my Dad in the middle of the winter…
My sister on the left hand as I held tightly onto the right.
My gloveless hands slid along the porch of an apartment and I grabbed the biggest pile of snow my hand could hold. Even with my fingers frozen, the idea of letting go of such beautiful snow helped to fight the feeling and discomfort. After learning that the snow had disappeared, I cried until I understood that the snow had only changed its state and would sometime soon reappear just as I had left it.
The toughest feeling in coming to terms with my Dads passing is whether or not to hold on to the beauty of his memory even if its painful or to let go and hope to have the place fulfilled in time.

My sister Seanice age 6 (left), My Dad Sean (center), Myself age 5 (right)

I’ve been lucky to share a few wonderful Fathers in the past few years…
Great Figures who’ve shown lots of love to their own children,
and had a little love to spare!
My silly uncle Keith and his two sons Brandon (left) and Jr (right)

My Grandpa McPhoy with his handsome legacy
My Mommy and Grandfather at a family picnic

My Big cousin Omar who ZAc can’t help but listen to 🙂 
My cousin in Law Adrian and Zachary’s favorite cousin Kyla!!!


Zac’s God Father Uncle NICK!!!!
My DEAREST Uncle Neil and mi favorito Merisa
A throwback of my Lisa (left) and Merisa (right) 2007
Although there are many, these men in particular people prove as direct and indirect examples of love 
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