The THIRST is real

The THIRST is Real with Hurricane Sandy
For someone who deletes all messages, this my friend, is O.D.
I’m interested to know, because I KNOW that I know, that its not just me…
My phone rang CONSTANTLY thanks to Hurricane Sandy.
Of course, many calls from work, family checking up for safety, thats fine.
But, I’ve gotten an OVERWHELMING amount of texts from exes, newbies, oldies and all those forgotten last night. Its AMAZING the concoction filled in these sudden bouts of nostalgia and boredom.
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Hurricane Whomever!

Hurricane Sandy?!
Hurricane Sandy.
Hurricane Whomever!
Many jokes have been made the past few days regarding Hurricane Sandy. Some folks have even gone as far as stepping out their homes, taking photo’s on instagram with quotes saying “Sandy ain’t got nothing on me”, meanwhile electrical wires are snapping from their connectors, trees uprooting, and fires starting within a moments notice. No, this is not to draw unnecessary fear and let the news overtake your homes but, BY GEORGE, use wisdom. Don’t be like my uncle (who will remain unnamed) who couldn’t get through to his job and wasn’t sure if it would be open since “it doesn’t look so bad”, leave the house at 6am, wait 2hrs for a bus, until a police officer tells him to get back in the house.

Hey guys, their are 60mph winds out there. Use wisdom.
In the MEANTIME, I’ve been on Instagram and playing Scramble with Friends as a source of entertainment living off the hash tag #HurricaneWhoever.
Follow me as the boredom continues @NinaSoAwesome
Hurricane Sandy at FoodTown on Instagram

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