8 Signs You May Have Trouble Being Single

At times as single a single woman, you’ll find yourself waiting for companionship or a dating partner. All of your girlfriends seem to be in successful relationships while you find yourself recycling phone numbers in your contact list. Take a look and see if your stuck in the past and may have trouble being single…
  1. There’s an ex you’ve been holding on to for 3-4 years. You’re not completely attracted to, you know he did you a tad bit dirty but, for some temporary testosterone, you’ll hit an occasional movie and let him make a move or two on the low.
  2. Dating the same lame guy for several weeks, you notice he has traits you can’t quite ignore or get over. After dropping him, you find yourself reuniting and putting up with nose picking/boring conversation/ too loud gangster rap music in lieu of cuffing season
  3. You’re contact listing has the phone number from the guy you met at the Publix/Pathmark last summer that never called… He might remember how great your meatloaf recipe was
  4. You find yourself adding an ex or former date on social networks (instagram, facebook, twitter) to let them see what they may be missing or “He’s still single, I may have a chance”
  5. The Black Swan bar on Bedford was his as much as YOUR favorite spot on date night… There’s nothing wrong with making an appearance… you just make sure your outfit is right in case he or or one of his friends show up
  6. You give the not-so-tall-or-cute guy at the club your number hoping your standards may be too high, “He might be different than the others”
  7. At least 5 men in your neighborhood/at work/at church have your number in the spirit of keeping your options open
  8. You have wandering eyes. After getting off the train from work, you’re constantly looking around and overly aware. You find yourself locking eyes mostly with men and at least 4 per block radius.
One thing I’ve learned from many different men…
They can literally smell an insecure, lonely, desperate woman.
The good ones gravitate to women who are focused and limitedly aware of the guys around them. Walk with your head high, spend more time thinking about how to make work a little easier tomorrow or how many accounts you can close instead of how slim the pickings of handsome men there are near your job.
Most importantly, being alone is a great time to develop yourself and learn some things you weren’t aware of.

What are some extra signs you know of that display trouble being single?

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