Young Mom= Strong Mom

I laugh at how a lot of people walk by me. They look from head to toe. Inspect my stroller and the little man inside. Then smile, surprised as HE smiles as waves hello. I am somewhat young to be a mother. Early twenties with a two year old. I wouldn’t say that’s all too bad. But the preconcieved notions and misconceptions are hilarious. I have met BRILLIANT young mothers. Who are growing in their careers, Married at young but happier than most middle aged adults well worked into their 401k’s.
On my 20th birthday, I went into preterm labor. I checked in to the best hospital Atlanta had to offer but of course, there’s always one. The nurse came in to check if I was still contracting and began to ask questions about my family… How old I was, the age my mother had her first child, none of which were medically related. She lead on to say, “You guys have children YOUNG?! Gotta wait a while, its too early”. The undertone behind her inquiry was SO disheartening. Luckily, all went went but I laugh at the boldness some people have to judge out loud.
Some of us are in school and work full time with children, creating businesses and working whole-heartedly in our careers. Some of us grow to be successful parents with numerous companies and stunning looks (lol). Sometimes I wonder MYSELF how some of them do it. I definitely need the encouragement to achieve all that I desire and admire those who have.
In the coming weeks, I hope to shed some light on the successes of the young parent. Single, Wed, and all. There are a lot of us in the world who make great children and are building on great futures. I look forward to sharing that with the rest of the unaware world.
The inspiration is necessary.

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