Music For My Moment

This may seem strange but, 
I believe in having music as the soundtrack for my life.
There are many times in my life that I can listen to music and remember times, and dates, and seasons.
‘Simply living in Newport News, Virginia- listening to Ushers 8701 or driving to Eastridge Senior High while listening to Bobby Valentino’s ‘Slow Down’ and heading to my Sophomore college writing class listening to John Legend’s ‘Take Me Away’ on the crowded Brooklyn 3 trains.
These are all moments in time referenced by great music.
Most recently, I’ve reunited with new music.
In the moments where I’ve been overwhelmed, I found myself straying away from music.
No longer listening.
No longer writing.
The only songs I cared for were the OLD school…
Miss Anita Baker.
Mr Babyface.
Will Downing.
It hasnt been until now that I’ve taken an interest in new music.
I’m pretty excited to share what I’ve found.
Jamie Foxx-Fly Love has been on constant replay in my iPhone.
This song comes from the Motion Picture: Rio.
My sister added this to my iTunes… Just browsing through, I played it and fell in love.


 PJ Morton– Musician, Grammy award winning writer, and son of well known Pastor, Bishop Paul Morton shows off his vivid writing skills in ‘The One’.
This stand-in keyboardist for Maroon 5 is more than a soulful voice but most definitely got my vote!
I discovered this dope MC from my homie LeSher’s facebook post. Other than knowing of her NY-Philly background, I’m not all too certain of the story behind Ra-The MC. But, I must say, after seeing this… ‘Dreams’. I’m intrigued.
Philly based writer Darrell Jamal otherwise known as Rell JR hits the scene with great music. It kind of reminds me of the only true rap I can handle… Tribe Called Quest and Kendrick Lamar. If you check out his soundcloud (here), my FIRST recommendations are ‘North Philadelphia’  ‘Seeing You’ and ‘Life Is A Blessing
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