Check Your Arm Swag!!

Check Your Arm Swag!
After waiting TWO HOURS for my N.O.T. (Never On Time)designer bud, I walked the historically imprinted streets of Dumbo for my favorite goodie. I stopped affront the DOPEST window of garments and accessories to find JUST what I’d been waiting for… 

A perfectly displayed chest of ARM SWAG.

“ARM SWAG?” you ask is the coolest collection of watches, bracelets, and beaded wristlet meant to beautify your Arm. Over the past few years, I’ve managed to collect a series of colorful friendship bracelets, and unique wrist paraphernalia that never ceases to catch the eye of fashionista’s and artists alike. Check your favorite celebs like Gwen Stefanie; Taylor Swift, and Nichole Richie are known to rock some of the prettiest of them all.
Here are a few of my favorite bloggers, stylists, and looks with the best Arm Swag…

Arm Candy, Arm Swag, leather watches
Brilliant Leather Watches I found In Dumbo

Arm Candy, Arm Swag, Friendship Bracelets
Friendship bracelets from Dumbo

Aimee Song’s Arm Swag
Folake Kuye 

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Afro-Punk 2012: Whats Your Get Up?

A ton of folks are asking what to wear for the up-coming
Afro-Punk Festival this weekend!
As as avid participant, it’s the biggest event for the culturally in touch and fashion savvy to express themselves and show the best of what’s in your closet.

Now, before you pull out your Christian Loubs and that Chanel dress, I WILL warn you, its not that kind of event. While doing some research on the event, I stumbled upon the awesome Fashion Blog, Fashion Bomb Daily. Although they are usually on point with updates, they were well, WAYYYY off on their post of how to dress for Afro-Punk. I guess, understanding the culture of the people who attend, I’m afraid Fashion Bomb may be making it a Fashion Viewing for the Posh and taking away from the ease and free-flow of the event.

 Although these are some great pieces, the MAIN GOAL of afro punk is to be ALLLLLLL the way comfortable! For one, it’s going to be pretty hot, there are going to be numerous performances, heavy materials, extra accessories, and heels are probably not the way to go.
That’s just off personal observations.
You’ll probably be standing for 5hrs, limited seating, Mosh Pits galore. I’d hate to know I made this post and be forced to watch as guys get their new J’s stepped on and ladies run over by skaters in their 14inch heels.

Here are a few key looks I came across by stylists and bloggers I love. These looks are perfect for the AfroPunk Festival

Flats worn By Aimee Song are always the way to go, standing in the AfroPunk crowd

Printed shorts are definitely the way to go. Not only is it fashion forward but, well within the limits of comfort.

Sneaks to Flee! Keep in mind the sk8rs, bmx’rs and mosh pits you’ll be dodging in style

NO EXTRA BAGGAGE! Check Out More Looks From Aimee HERE!
If you MUST wear heels, make sure they have a platform and wedge for comfort.

Again, if you MUST wear heels, limit the height level!

For the bro’s, wear what you’ve got. The less effort you put in, the better… atleast in my opinion.

This Chictopia style icon has the look
Check him out at

AS stolen from Street Level Culture, this is DEFINITELY what you’ll be seeing
Street Level Culture captured this awesome look… Totally AfroPunk- Like

Well, hopefully I’ve helped in the hunt for your AfroPunk 2012 Get up! In the meantime, leave replys… send in pics, and I’ll see YOU at AfroPunk!

In case you didn’t know, AfroPunk has TWO locations
The main stage will be held at Commodore Park on Nassau st
The Skate Park (Which Happens To Be My Fav) will be located on Flatbush and Lafayette near BAM
Erykah Badu will be performing on the Commodore stage this Saturday

Whilst Janelle Monae & Gym Class Heroes will be at the skate park this Sunday

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