8 Signs You May Have Trouble Being Single

At times as single a single woman, you’ll find yourself waiting for companionship or a dating partner. All of your girlfriends seem to be in successful relationships while you find yourself recycling phone numbers in your contact list. Take a look and see if your stuck in the past and may have trouble being single…
  1. There’s an ex you’ve been holding on to for 3-4 years. You’re not completely attracted to, you know he did you a tad bit dirty but, for some temporary testosterone, you’ll hit an occasional movie and let him make a move or two on the low.
  2. Dating the same lame guy for several weeks, you notice he has traits you can’t quite ignore or get over. After dropping him, you find yourself reuniting and putting up with nose picking/boring conversation/ too loud gangster rap music in lieu of cuffing season
  3. You’re contact listing has the phone number from the guy you met at the Publix/Pathmark last summer that never called… He might remember how great your meatloaf recipe was
  4. You find yourself adding an ex or former date on social networks (instagram, facebook, twitter) to let them see what they may be missing or “He’s still single, I may have a chance”
  5. The Black Swan bar on Bedford was his as much as YOUR favorite spot on date night… There’s nothing wrong with making an appearance… you just make sure your outfit is right in case he or or one of his friends show up
  6. You give the not-so-tall-or-cute guy at the club your number hoping your standards may be too high, “He might be different than the others”
  7. At least 5 men in your neighborhood/at work/at church have your number in the spirit of keeping your options open
  8. You have wandering eyes. After getting off the train from work, you’re constantly looking around and overly aware. You find yourself locking eyes mostly with men and at least 4 per block radius.
One thing I’ve learned from many different men…
They can literally smell an insecure, lonely, desperate woman.
The good ones gravitate to women who are focused and limitedly aware of the guys around them. Walk with your head high, spend more time thinking about how to make work a little easier tomorrow or how many accounts you can close instead of how slim the pickings of handsome men there are near your job.
Most importantly, being alone is a great time to develop yourself and learn some things you weren’t aware of.

What are some extra signs you know of that display trouble being single?

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And We’re Off!! To the Book Museum

Zac wearing Gap Newsboy cap, H&M polo, Gap Bike Tie, Zara Pant, H&M High Top

Zac’s two favorite things I MUST PACK… Crackers and Thomas

Brooklyn Museum 

For the past 2 months, Zac has been asking to visit the “Moozeeahhm”…
His Grandpa took him on an awesome trip to the historical Brooklyn Museum a few months back and he can’t seem to get it out his noggin. On Mom.Me-Sun days, I ask him what it is he’d like to do and of course, the “Moozeeahhm” pops up as an option. So, we’ve visited DOZENS of self-made museums thus far….
The “Clothes” Museum…
The “Bank” Museum
and my favorite…
The “Grocery” Museum.
Most recently on our day-cations, we visited the “Book Museum” otherwise known as the
His excitement and enthusiasm made me the happiest person in the world!
We’ve gone to many libraries before but this one seemed to make a lasting impression. Everyone was so friendly and the massive front entrance left seating for us to eat our snacks, run around,  and take in the sun. We took a walk over to the Brooklyn Museum and walked around (or as Zac calls it- an adventure) the outside of the museum.
Most Brooklynites know, the Museum hosts Target First Saturdays… free events every first Saturday from 5pm-11pm showcasing artwork, film, and live music. On those days (particularly the first Saturday of the month) where there’s absolutely nothing to do and I wanna dress up (or down) to get out of the house, I head to first saturdays. Its a great way to meet people and add to cultural insight.
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H&M Insider: What to Expect During an H&M Interview

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Gorgeous window by H&M Columbus Circle Visual Team
Having worked for H&M for several weeks,
there were many things I’ve learned about the company…
Their points of view…
Perspectives on leadership…
and the many opportunities provided.
I started my training at the Columbus Circle Location 
(which in my opinion is the best store to shop!!)…
About two weeks after my group interview, I had my final interview with the hiring manager and a store manager of another location. They had me walk one of the stores and share what it was that I noticed that needed to be updated…
That moment was used to determine my ideologies and priorities as a store leader.
At the end of that small project, I learned that the store manager I spent that precious hour with was my potential manager, and I had gotten the job as well as my job offer in that day!
H&M prides itself in leadership and advancement. Anyway that you can execute that.
I was able to train and learn what H&M looks for in the hiring process. Whether you’re going for a Sales Advisor, Visual Merchandiser, Department Manager, or Store Manager; to ensure your experience is successful, display in as many ways as you possibly can your form of leadership.
MY personal questions I’d ask during interviews are:

“At your previous job, how did you take the lead in a difficult situation?”

“Explain a moment where your co-worker challenged your direction”

“Tell me about a time when you were able to motivate an unhappy co-worker” 

 Lastly, the biggest piece of information I could share!
Make sure you pay close attention during the online questionnaire.
It’s not just something to pass by…
THAT questionnaire determines whether or not you’ll get that call back and why.
Make sure all of your answers are as independent and solution oriented as possible.
Although, the truth reveals itself in the survey.
This post is intended to inform interested applicants and not to infringe on the policy and procedures of H&M.
My hiring papers!
Your future H&M Handbook

How I dressed for work: First two Jackets H&M, Right:Brooklyn Industries jacket, Zara Pant, Gap Shoe

Lunch Break!

H&M gave us employees free shirts launching the new website

I cut the sleeves for an edgy look!

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Check Your Arm Swag!!

Check Your Arm Swag!
After waiting TWO HOURS for my N.O.T. (Never On Time)designer bud, I walked the historically imprinted streets of Dumbo for my favorite goodie. I stopped affront the DOPEST window of garments and accessories to find JUST what I’d been waiting forโ€ฆ 

A perfectly displayed chest of ARM SWAG.

“ARM SWAG?” you ask is the coolest collection of watches, bracelets, and beaded wristlet meant to beautify your Arm. Over the past few years, I’ve managed to collect a series of colorful friendship bracelets, and unique wrist paraphernalia that never ceases to catch the eye of fashionista’s and artists alike. Check your favorite celebs like Gwen Stefanie; Taylor Swift, and Nichole Richie are known to rock some of the prettiest of them all.
Here are a few of my favorite bloggers, stylists, and looks with the best Arm Swag…

Arm Candy, Arm Swag, leather watches
Brilliant Leather Watches I found In Dumbo

Arm Candy, Arm Swag, Friendship Bracelets
Friendship bracelets from Dumbo

Aimee Song’s Arm Swag
Folake Kuye 

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The Greatest Interview EVER: H&M Edition

This week, I’ve been lucky enough to attend the Greatest Interview Ever hosted by none other than H&M.

Hennes and Mauritz is the trendy international brand known to all of fashion. 
They’ve managed to cover most of the world with stores in North America, Europe, China, and most recently Chile in South America.
This past week, I’ve been able to reach the THIRD step in the interview process for a Department Manager position.
To keep the integrity of the interview, I’ll share a brief overview of what I’ve encountered. Otherwise, here is the 411 on interviewing with H&M
Step 1:  The Phone Interview
This is your first encounter. You’ll be asked questions based on your online application, work experience and history, store volume, etc. At the end of the interview, you may either here the famous FAIL phrase: “We’ll reach out to you for a date” or PASS with “when will you be available this/next week”.

Step 2. Interview at Headquarters
Here you’ll discuss your resume, and live examples of potential work scenarios. There may be two hiring managers. One focused more on generic questions and the other taking notes. Towards the end, you may sign off on a background check and be notified of a potential follow up interview if you pass.

Step 3. Interactive Interview
This is where it gets exciting. There will be 4 activities lasting 20 minutes with a small group of other applicants and 6 Managers who have traveled the country and world working with H&M. You’ll be seated in a room that has dope titles such as “Moscow” and “Argentina” for example. Snacks will be bowled all for the taking. Do NOT be shy, it’s all for you. Although a lengthy process, I have never been so intrigued and overwhelmed from an interview by a retail company. If you’re accustomed to the classic “What do you do when…”, be prepared for the actual “do when… During this portion of the interview, you’ll be doing a LOT of sweating, and moving so you may be asked to dress comfortably. Do just that. 
Not necessarily in converse and a hoodie but, ensure you represent the casual professionalism of the brand. Ladies, do not wear heels you’ll potentially want to change out of. I personally wore 2inch thick heels by the Gap, Sky blue ripped jeans by H&M, a Black tank with pink lining by H&M, and my favorite Bomber jacket by Brooklyn Industries.

To keep the integrity of the interview, I won’t share the EXACT details of what activities but I assure you, be yourself, be respectful, and I assure you, as much as it may seem, this is 100% NOT A COMPETITION. Try your best to use team work. Every single activity will show who you truly are in the heat of the moment, during stressful situations, and evaluate how you interact with your partners.

I’m not sure what my results are but despite the potential outcome, I’ve learned a great deal of who I am through this experience. Here are a few ideas of what to wear if you’re having any trouble!

Nadia of NAC Styles

Aimee Song from Song Of Style

Sharina Clarke

Click here to find out how it ended!
How did your experience go??

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This month…

I deliberated with myself hoping to come up with ways to enhance my present. How to possibly chase after my passions in music, art, and fashion and maintain my career. Ways to protect my sons innocence all the while being able to properly prepare him for a competitive future. So far I haven’t found the answers but instead discovered a peace in knowing that my curiosity means I’m headed in the right direction.

In OTHER news…
A few months ago, I got some free tickets from Regal Cinema. My Mummie and I went to see Iron Man 3 which is by FAR the best movie in the history of all Marvel movies (I DARE you to beg to differ, lol). Tony Stark is more relatable,  hilarious and spunkier than ever. There’s a transparency in this part of the trilogy that allows you to feel the moral and enjoy the action and humor in the midst.

Gap Mens Sweatshirt, Gap Skinny ankle jeans, Zara Combination High Heel Sandal

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MomMe Father’s Day Fun Fact!

Some folks may not know…

My very own Zac is not only the cutest but has a name with dope meaning.
7 Months pregnant, I was reading the Bible frustrated and unsure of a name for my future Swag Prince.
I knew it had to be cool.
Had to be “hire worthy”.
Had to have great meaning.
I came across the book of Zechariah. 
The story took me into a world where I couldn’t stop reading.
The name “Zechariah” means “God remembers”.
At that moment I decided the name Zachary Sean Clarke was the money maker!
Zac” during play time.
Zachary Sean” to get his attention
and “Zechariah” when I mean business.
His middle name is also cool dedication to my DAD Sean Clarke.
It only made sense to honor my fathers passing in the life of my son.
Zac was born the date before my Dads passing
Creepy, huh? lol

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Father’s Day Memoir

I remember walking home with my Dad in the middle of the winter…
My sister on the left hand as I held tightly onto the right.
My gloveless hands slid along the porch of an apartment and I grabbed the biggest pile of snow my hand could hold. Even with my fingers frozen, the idea of letting go of such beautiful snow helped to fight the feeling and discomfort. After learning that the snow had disappeared, I cried until I understood that the snow had only changed its state and would sometime soon reappear just as I had left it.
The toughest feeling in coming to terms with my Dads passing is whether or not to hold on to the beauty of his memory even if its painful or to let go and hope to have the place fulfilled in time.

My sister Seanice age 6 (left), My Dad Sean (center), Myself age 5 (right)

I’ve been lucky to share a few wonderful Fathers in the past few years…
Great Figures who’ve shown lots of love to their own children,
and had a little love to spare!
My silly uncle Keith and his two sons Brandon (left) and Jr (right)

My Grandpa McPhoy with his handsome legacy
My Mommy and Grandfather at a family picnic

My Big cousin Omar who ZAc can’t help but listen to ๐Ÿ™‚ 
My cousin in Law Adrian and Zachary’s favorite cousin Kyla!!!


Zac’s God Father Uncle NICK!!!!
My DEAREST Uncle Neil and mi favorito Merisa
A throwback of my Lisa (left) and Merisa (right) 2007
Although there are many, these men in particular people prove as direct and indirect examples of love 
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New Hair! New Year!

For the past 4 years I’ve worn the SAME EXACT hair style!
As I breezed through my Facebook pictures and bored myself from the lackluster side swept bangs, I realized it was time for a true change.
My hair has been natural for quite some time meaning:
NO relaxer
NO texturizer
NO perms
With that, I decided to join the kinky-curly crew and embrace my naturally beautiful hair.

 For the past week, I’ve been trying the Bantu Knots and manipulating my natural curl patterns to see where it takes me. The entire has been quite interesting but I thank GOD everyday that my Mum is a hairstylist… Lord KNOWS the outcomes may have been truly TRAGIC, lol
Wish me luck as I figure out how this works.
I need products to try out…
ALL recommendations will be greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚
enjoy your weekend!!

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