Music For My Moment

This may seem strange but, 
I believe in having music as the soundtrack for my life.
There are many times in my life that I can listen to music and remember times, and dates, and seasons.
‘Simply living in Newport News, Virginia- listening to Ushers 8701 or driving to Eastridge Senior High while listening to Bobby Valentino’s ‘Slow Down’ and heading to my Sophomore college writing class listening to John Legend’s ‘Take Me Away’ on the crowded Brooklyn 3 trains.
These are all moments in time referenced by great music.
Most recently, I’ve reunited with new music.
In the moments where I’ve been overwhelmed, I found myself straying away from music.
No longer listening.
No longer writing.
The only songs I cared for were the OLD school…
Miss Anita Baker.
Mr Babyface.
Will Downing.
It hasnt been until now that I’ve taken an interest in new music.
I’m pretty excited to share what I’ve found.
Jamie Foxx-Fly Love has been on constant replay in my iPhone.
This song comes from the Motion Picture: Rio.
My sister added this to my iTunes… Just browsing through, I played it and fell in love.


 PJ Morton– Musician, Grammy award winning writer, and son of well known Pastor, Bishop Paul Morton shows off his vivid writing skills in ‘The One’.
This stand-in keyboardist for Maroon 5 is more than a soulful voice but most definitely got my vote!
I discovered this dope MC from my homie LeSher’s facebook post. Other than knowing of her NY-Philly background, I’m not all too certain of the story behind Ra-The MC. But, I must say, after seeing this… ‘Dreams’. I’m intrigued.
Philly based writer Darrell Jamal otherwise known as Rell JR hits the scene with great music. It kind of reminds me of the only true rap I can handle… Tribe Called Quest and Kendrick Lamar. If you check out his soundcloud (here), my FIRST recommendations are ‘North Philadelphia’  ‘Seeing You’ and ‘Life Is A Blessing
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Too Much To Lose

Most recently, I learned shocking news about an amazing young soul.
Freddy E YouTube phenomenon, rapper, and comedian committed suicide.
Not only because he is…
He was…
A great person who’s goal were to simply make people laugh and become successful but, his death had me questioning what pushed him to make such a strong decision.
At only 22 years old, what situation could be so difficult?
Why didn’t he have anyone to talk to?
Then, I thought to myself.
In all truth and honesty…
Sometimes, things get a little too tough, the answers to the problems seem all to distant.
In those times, I realized I’m blessed with having too much to lose.
A loving mother.
A loyal sister.
A dream come true for a son.
But in those moments when those people are too far to reach and there’s no one to talk to,
What do you do?
How would you react to a friend in a desperate situation?
What do you do when you have no confidant or faith in God?
One truth I have in knowing is, 
I’ve been blessed with too much to lose.
 I hope that I can be good enough friend to stop the ones I love from any hurts or from making the wrong decision.
My Little Big Sis, Seanice

My Mummy and I

My cousin Christina and I
My Cooky cousin Merisa
My chipmunk Zac

Here are a few videos of support for Freddy E fans

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Farewell to The Gap

This year gave me quite a bit to look forward to.
I was lucky enough to be hired to work with one of the most well-received stores in the Downtown Brooklyn area, gain an unexpected promotion within my arrival and learn some overwhelming news along the way.
The store I most recently said farewell to will now share farewells themselves.
The Flatbush Avenue Gap at Kings Plaza will be closing down.
It’s quite a surprise to hear.
The store that once housed a beautiful variety of Men’s, Women’s, Kids, and Baby clothing will no longer be. Loyal customers will now have to travel as far as Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, or 17th and 5th, considering the unfortunate closing of South Street Seaport from Hurricane Sandy.
Originally, Kings Plaza was the shoppers destination for local Brooklynites and Gap was the place to find your must have basics. As the economy changed and gentrification reared its head, the need for the mall changed. Security tightened up as rambunctious after school shoppers participated in unfortunate mayhem and assisted in the downgrade.
I was given the opportunity to work with wonderful people and learned more humbling and lifelong  lessons there than at any other Flagship location in my 5 year Gap history. I applaud and salute the ten year team and those who desired to make a difference.
The store may be closing its doors as early as the 26th of January.

Word on the street is, alongside Gap’s inability to make quota, the property owners were not interested in downsizing and rebuilding the space and may be utilizing it as a Food Court.

How strange is that?

Here are a few pics of Gap Kings Plaza- hard work and merchandising.

My VERY first window set on my 2nd day of work at Gap Kings Plaza Sept 2011

What I like to call “React to Sell Through” Floor Change after a big sale with limited merch
Window change for Gap Kids and Baby Gap

Quick moves made during power hours in Women’s Dressy Dept

Playing dress up in KP fitting room

A beautiful window set by Annalee, Jessica, and Myself

Fun Updating window presentation for GapKids

What is your reaction to Gap at Kings Plaza’s closing? Is it well needed or could it just use re-vamping?
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AfroPunk 2012… Lost Photos

I had an AWESOME time at AfroPunk 2012!
Unfortunately, my battery died and revived semi photo-less.
I usually make a video when I  DO show up but didn’t salvage enough clips to make a solid one. 
I figured some of you may want to relive the awesome memory of the incomparable
Ms Erykah Badu 
and her performance at Afro Punk. 
Here are a few random pics and unsteady flics that can hopefully bring back well deserved nostalgia.

The Memorials

The Memorials

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My boss gave me my FIRST weekend off since the turn of my promotion and I am EXTREMELY excited. 
The downside?
As a some-what new Mom, I’m STILL not so certain what Mom’s do for fun anymore. While on mental replay, I was reminded of an AMAZINFUL Bowl Night for my cousin Erika’s ( ALSO a new mom) Twenty-Something birthday hang time at FRAMES NYC!
Here a few pics of my familia on our Bowling Excursion

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Zara’s Season Sale!

The moment I’ve been waiting for all year has finally arrived!

Zara had its annual Season Sale!
I love these ladies! It was originally $79. Once the price dropped to $49, it was a MUST buy!

The packaging is so classic! I think that may be an add on to my addictive shopping experience!

These simply studded beauties were a mere $19 bucks!

I got these for 25 bucks!
Zac’s Grandma got him these cool Zara studded kicks that match my Studded Zara boots!

I racked up on a few great kicks!!
I visit the site daily to see the new updates and make sure to check up on price adjustments.
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Just Can’t Let Go!

Zac has been growing all too quickly!
I haven’t been all too brave as far as letting him start school. 
I know it sounds a bit silly but, I find that the more kids are exposed to… well… OTHER kids, they can become slightly… different.
I’m somewhat nervous of Zac picking up phrases or habits I don’t support at home.
As unrealistic as that sounds, I fought my fears and took my chipmunk to experience a trial day at a neighboring day care I grew up in.
Although I didn’t show up in time, here’s the gear I intended him to wear, lol

Baby Gap Hat, H&M Bow-tie, H&M Button Down, Baby Gap Crew Neck Sweater, H&M Skinnies

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Back to the Future!

Hey Guys!
I’ve been away for quite a while!
A lot has happened within the past few weeks!
Christmas has come and gone, the New Year has arrived, and there is much to be updated.
In the coming days, I will be dishing out photo’s on the happenings of my life. Between my chipmunk ZAC growing up before my eyes (and quite frankly, without my permission), my new fashion preferences, and cool things to do with the weather at hand.
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