Zara’s Season Sale!

The moment I’ve been waiting for all year has finally arrived!

Zara had its annual Season Sale!
I love these ladies! It was originally $79. Once the price dropped to $49, it was a MUST buy!

The packaging is so classic! I think that may be an add on to my addictive shopping experience!

These simply studded beauties were a mere $19 bucks!

I got these for 25 bucks!
Zac’s Grandma got him these cool Zara studded kicks that match my Studded Zara boots!

I racked up on a few great kicks!!
I visit the site daily to see the new updates and make sure to check up on price adjustments.
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Just Can’t Let Go!

Zac has been growing all too quickly!
I haven’t been all too brave as far as letting him start school. 
I know it sounds a bit silly but, I find that the more kids are exposed to… well… OTHER kids, they can become slightly… different.
I’m somewhat nervous of Zac picking up phrases or habits I don’t support at home.
As unrealistic as that sounds, I fought my fears and took my chipmunk to experience a trial day at a neighboring day care I grew up in.
Although I didn’t show up in time, here’s the gear I intended him to wear, lol

Baby Gap Hat, H&M Bow-tie, H&M Button Down, Baby Gap Crew Neck Sweater, H&M Skinnies

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Back to the Future!

Hey Guys!
I’ve been away for quite a while!
A lot has happened within the past few weeks!
Christmas has come and gone, the New Year has arrived, and there is much to be updated.
In the coming days, I will be dishing out photo’s on the happenings of my life. Between my chipmunk ZAC growing up before my eyes (and quite frankly, without my permission), my new fashion preferences, and cool things to do with the weather at hand.
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Zac is PRO-BAMA!

Election Day was the highlight of my year thus far. I’ve been waiting for the determination of Obama’s re-election and  must say I am more than proud to have voted!
Although my chipmunk couldn’t quite join me in the booth, he DID make a difference in driving the energy behind my campaigning!

I used cotton Henley shirt by The Gap and had the Obama HOPE logo printed. The shirt in total cost me an entire 17 bucks! 
(more pics coming soon)
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Zara on F!re!!

As some may know, I’m in love with Zara!
The past few weeks, Ive been window shopping on the Zara site and have fallen in LOVE with the new fall items they have.
The outerwear: PHENOMENAL!

ZARA Biker Coat $199

ZARA Zip Biker Coat $189

ZARA Coat with Quilted Leather Sleeve $229

The price range is not bad for the quality but for the Moms and Ladies alike on a budget like myself, ebay has a mock Jacket that I’m in love with starting bids at $6 bucks!

Ebay Zara replica 

Just two weeks ago, I’ve been given a GIFT from GOD himself!
While doing my daily cyber shopping, I stumbled upon these awesome shoes on the Zara site.

THESE beauties were on sale for $25 BUCKS! I could NOT believe it! I was so much in shock, I had to purchase TWO! One for me and one for my Mom of course.
The fit was a little snug. I’m usually a size 7 but kept in mind that European sizes are usually cut slimmer and got a 7 1/2. 
The front was still narrow but, I figure, with more wear and maybe even a little professional stretching, it’ll be a dream.

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Ms Dahlia’s Cafe

Initially, I came in to host a brief interview and fell in love with the ambiance at Ms Dahlias. There was a cute little (assumingly Asian) host  ready to serve with a smile and an adorable caramel complected cashier who made me almost forget that he was taking money from me.  The food was great, my caramel coffee was perfect.

I came back maybe two or three weeks later with my best friend who is a blogger with a great following to get her to write an article. NOT SO GOOD experience. My friend ‘Sarah’ and I got to the counter. After receiving a scantily delivered welcome, ‘Sarah’ asked for espresso with a hint of caramel. The “Prestigious Afrocentric Coffee Maker” decided to give ‘Sarah’ a brief lesson on espresso explaining that “…it is not like Starbucks where they give you big cups of coffee, you know?”. She underestimated my big haired- trendy friend and explained the “European origins” of espresso without knowledge of her fair education on Italian cultures and Cuban background, reiterating that “it won’t come in a BIG cup”.

Aside from that, the cashier from my first visit ended up being the great chef I met on my second visit. It was awesome to see such a talented crew. I left my tip and went off to enjoy my meal. Not too soon after, the “Prestigious Afrocentric Coffee Maker” interrupts as we watch the chef at work to inform us that the caramel shot was an additional dollar which we hadn’t been charged. Instead of giving us a one time courtesy, she asked the cashier to take the payment.

Throughout the course of our stay, we were able to hear (without the slightest bit of straining) corrective conversations… “You REALLY shouldn’t…” blah blah blah… Although it IS a small establishment that may not have a back area, I’d appreciate if they’d speak outside or away from customers… It’s a total mood killer and environment changer. Not mention

Interesting experience. I must say. I may re-visit but, I will admit, I’m somewhat slighted by that experience. Knowing that I’ve lived in Bed-Stuy for over twenty years, seeing establishments come and go, favoring stapled locations like Tiny Cup, Peaches, and others, BEING a young black NY’er with South American entrepreneurial parents, its a great desire to be supportive in my community.

Let’s fix this, guys! Sincere customer service is the key to successful establishment!

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Chill Before the Storm

Church this Sunday went pretty well. My Mom was able to make it out seeing as we had a mini car accident on our way out last Sunday.
I was able to catch a few flicks on the way…
My chipmunk looked mighty handsome I must say.

Zac’s Outfit: Feu Follet Peacoat, H&M Bow Tie, H&M Sweater, H&M Dress Shirt, H&M Pants, Converse, Gap Hat

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The THIRST is real

The THIRST is Real with Hurricane Sandy
For someone who deletes all messages, this my friend, is O.D.
I’m interested to know, because I KNOW that I know, that its not just me…
My phone rang CONSTANTLY thanks to Hurricane Sandy.
Of course, many calls from work, family checking up for safety, thats fine.
But, I’ve gotten an OVERWHELMING amount of texts from exes, newbies, oldies and all those forgotten last night. Its AMAZING the concoction filled in these sudden bouts of nostalgia and boredom.
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