Hurricane Whomever!

Hurricane Sandy?!
Hurricane Sandy.
Hurricane Whomever!
Many jokes have been made the past few days regarding Hurricane Sandy. Some folks have even gone as far as stepping out their homes, taking photo’s on instagram with quotes saying “Sandy ain’t got nothing on me”, meanwhile electrical wires are snapping from their connectors, trees uprooting, and fires starting within a moments notice. No, this is not to draw unnecessary fear and let the news overtake your homes but, BY GEORGE, use wisdom. Don’t be like my uncle (who will remain unnamed) who couldn’t get through to his job and wasn’t sure if it would be open since “it doesn’t look so bad”, leave the house at 6am, wait 2hrs for a bus, until a police officer tells him to get back in the house.

Hey guys, their are 60mph winds out there. Use wisdom.
In the MEANTIME, I’ve been on Instagram and playing Scramble with Friends as a source of entertainment living off the hash tag #HurricaneWhoever.
Follow me as the boredom continues @NinaSoAwesome
Hurricane Sandy at FoodTown on Instagram

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Sunday Morning with Zac!

Zac and I have been pretty busy lately. Between my new job at The Gap, early mornings and late nights, apartment hunting, we haven’t had much time to update MomMe. Although we have been absent, there are much photographs to document the happenings!

This Sunday in particular, we took on the journey of traveling to Freeport, Long Island for church. Of course, I took an extra hour to get ready, missed the scheduled train, hopped in a cab, to wind up 30 minutes early for the next bus. All was well. It gave us extra time to take photographs of Zac in his super cute bow tie! Believe it or not, I found it in H&M’s Mens department while shopping with my good friend Fred “The Writer” Green

Herringbone Gap Hat Gap Outlet Varsity Jacket H&M Men’s BowTie H&M Boys Button Down Green H&M Skinnies The Children’s Place Renegade Shoe

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Out with the OLD, in with the LEGENDARY

     My all time favorite singer Anita Baker is back on the scene. If you’re a fan of great music you’ll know that she’s EASILY an R&B/Soul Legend. I remember growing up; getting home after school, throwing myself against the hardwood of my living room floors and popping in the ‘Rapture’ album. I’d listen to her for hours… ‘No one in the World’, ‘You Bring Me Joy’ and ‘Mystery’ are by FAR some of the greatest records ever made.

Most recently, she’s taken over one of the hits of my time (the 90’s), ‘Lately’ by Tyrese. Also known as staple in the Male R&B world, Tyrese has “gifted” Ms Baker this beautiful song and allowed to infuse her Jazz and Soul genius within the music.
Here’s a video clip of the song… Amazing!

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Afro-Punk 2012: Whats Your Get Up?

A ton of folks are asking what to wear for the up-coming
Afro-Punk Festival this weekend!
As as avid participant, it’s the biggest event for the culturally in touch and fashion savvy to express themselves and show the best of what’s in your closet.

Now, before you pull out your Christian Loubs and that Chanel dress, I WILL warn you, its not that kind of event. While doing some research on the event, I stumbled upon the awesome Fashion Blog, Fashion Bomb Daily. Although they are usually on point with updates, they were well, WAYYYY off on their post of how to dress for Afro-Punk. I guess, understanding the culture of the people who attend, I’m afraid Fashion Bomb may be making it a Fashion Viewing for the Posh and taking away from the ease and free-flow of the event.

 Although these are some great pieces, the MAIN GOAL of afro punk is to be ALLLLLLL the way comfortable! For one, it’s going to be pretty hot, there are going to be numerous performances, heavy materials, extra accessories, and heels are probably not the way to go.
That’s just off personal observations.
You’ll probably be standing for 5hrs, limited seating, Mosh Pits galore. I’d hate to know I made this post and be forced to watch as guys get their new J’s stepped on and ladies run over by skaters in their 14inch heels.

Here are a few key looks I came across by stylists and bloggers I love. These looks are perfect for the AfroPunk Festival

Flats worn By Aimee Song are always the way to go, standing in the AfroPunk crowd

Printed shorts are definitely the way to go. Not only is it fashion forward but, well within the limits of comfort.

Sneaks to Flee! Keep in mind the sk8rs, bmx’rs and mosh pits you’ll be dodging in style

NO EXTRA BAGGAGE! Check Out More Looks From Aimee HERE!
If you MUST wear heels, make sure they have a platform and wedge for comfort.

Again, if you MUST wear heels, limit the height level!

For the bro’s, wear what you’ve got. The less effort you put in, the better… atleast in my opinion.

This Chictopia style icon has the look
Check him out at

AS stolen from Street Level Culture, this is DEFINITELY what you’ll be seeing
Street Level Culture captured this awesome look… Totally AfroPunk- Like

Well, hopefully I’ve helped in the hunt for your AfroPunk 2012 Get up! In the meantime, leave replys… send in pics, and I’ll see YOU at AfroPunk!

In case you didn’t know, AfroPunk has TWO locations
The main stage will be held at Commodore Park on Nassau st
The Skate Park (Which Happens To Be My Fav) will be located on Flatbush and Lafayette near BAM
Erykah Badu will be performing on the Commodore stage this Saturday

Whilst Janelle Monae & Gym Class Heroes will be at the skate park this Sunday

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Bigger. Better. MORE!

This week marks my LAST FEW DAYS at the Gap in Kings Plaza.
Ive been lucky enough to work at flagship stores like The Gap on Fifth Avenue or Old Navy in SoHo but it seems KP has been the most influential. Coming in as management trainee, learning how to develop and work as a team- it seems I’ve learned more here than in all my years of service. Most people hear “Kings Plaza” and wonder why’d one would choose to work somewhere as difficult but, I’ve realized its better to start with the hard and end with the easy.  I’ve developed and have been able to work with so many great people. Although having been there for one year exactly, I can already tell I’m not letting go of any one of em lol.
Thayne, Anna, Vaughn, Grace, CLINT, the Visual Team, Cashiers, Hassan and those darn Mannequins, Ms Liz and her rolling rack, Ms Kelly and her stock room, ALL of you guyses…

HERE are a few pics of the hard work with limited resources…

My First Window with Annalee.. Hot mess!
First flow with the Thaynester Fall 2011

My After- OVERNIGHT face

Jessica and Hassan Hooks it up… Takes 12hrs but, they hook it up!
Trying on clothes for work… at work


Of COURSE I had to sneak Zac in with his 100% GAP!

The Last Minute Hustle… 1hr on the clock, gotta get it done!

My LAST kids Front & Center

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Young Mom= Strong Mom

I laugh at how a lot of people walk by me. They look from head to toe. Inspect my stroller and the little man inside. Then smile, surprised as HE smiles as waves hello. I am somewhat young to be a mother. Early twenties with a two year old. I wouldn’t say that’s all too bad. But the preconcieved notions and misconceptions are hilarious. I have met BRILLIANT young mothers. Who are growing in their careers, Married at young but happier than most middle aged adults well worked into their 401k’s.
On my 20th birthday, I went into preterm labor. I checked in to the best hospital Atlanta had to offer but of course, there’s always one. The nurse came in to check if I was still contracting and began to ask questions about my family… How old I was, the age my mother had her first child, none of which were medically related. She lead on to say, “You guys have children YOUNG?! Gotta wait a while, its too early”. The undertone behind her inquiry was SO disheartening. Luckily, all went went but I laugh at the boldness some people have to judge out loud.
Some of us are in school and work full time with children, creating businesses and working whole-heartedly in our careers. Some of us grow to be successful parents with numerous companies and stunning looks (lol). Sometimes I wonder MYSELF how some of them do it. I definitely need the encouragement to achieve all that I desire and admire those who have.
In the coming weeks, I hope to shed some light on the successes of the young parent. Single, Wed, and all. There are a lot of us in the world who make great children and are building on great futures. I look forward to sharing that with the rest of the unaware world.
The inspiration is necessary.

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On the Move!

Life has gotten quite hectic with a few events at The Gap as well as my new position and transfer coming up. I hadn’t had much time to update MOM.ME

Zac has been growing a ton!
His face is changing, sense of humor is over the top, and believe it or not, so has his energy. He’s becoming much more over protective and social as his vocabulary grows. With this NEW-FOUND ZAC, its time for an upgrade in wardrobe.
My Mom or as Zac likes to say, “Ya-ya” and I went window shopping to see what sales would be going on for the kids.
We were DRAGGED in to The Children’s Place by their unavoidable “$5 Tees” Ad on Fulton Street.
 After remembering my more than generous employee discount at Gap, I reneged, we left out empty handed but, DO check out their sale… TONS to offer at The Children’s Place.
 With the Chipmunk growing, I’m hoping to maintain his bow-tie. I’d say he favors the clean lines but the Tie definitely adds fun.
His SUPER fashionista Grandma- Mrs Jamison is known to find THE most insane and unheard of sales ever known to man. Of course, she ran into Daffy’s which is now going out of business and ran into these cool finds for the Zacster.
MOSCHINO Orig Retail Price $85
Moschino Orig Retail Price $133
Diesel Orig. Retail Price $85
Each show ranges from about $85-$133 actual retail price. Mrs Jamison and her wonderful self managed to get these funky Diesel tennis shoes for $30 bucks. I fell in love with them the moment she’d text the photo’s. Anyone who knows Diesel knows their products last forever and a day, not to mention, the shoes are without a doubt comfortable. I wanted to stay away from the “Toddler-Like” round toe in the Moschino shoes and kinda liked the maturity and spirit of the Diesel shoe for my big boy.

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Too Cute Chipmunk of the Day!

Check THIS cute little Chipmunk and his Fashion Forward Energy !!!!
 This little man is wayyyyy too cool with his H&M gear on. I’m not one for biting but, I may have to steal this haircut for Zac. But, I must say. Whomever this hot guys parents are definitely know style and understand their little one. The socks are the coolest touch and definitely match his personality. Not too many can pull this off but, to each its own.
This kid is DEFINITELY a breed of his own. But, he can be down with the #TeamZac any day!
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