BrunchCon NYC 2018

BrunchCon 2018 was amazeballs!

A day of free flowing drinks, exploring, friendships and networking! I was invited by my sister to participate in the 3rd annual BrunchCon where hundreds of loyal brunch goers meet to learn of local eats, groove to good music, and a great time with tons of photo op. Courtesy of Lyft, I rode my way to the Brooklyn Expo Center where I met a decent line and walked my way right into the VIP entrance. I was greeted by two lovely ladies who checked my online ticket, swagged me out with a wrist band and laced me with a well filled VIP swag bag. Topping the warm welcome with a generous mimosa upon entry, I glided in and met my sister and her good friend. We joined tons of lines- chicken and waffles, hoagies, meatballs, iced cream, drinks, drinks and more drinks!


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