Go Blood!

To work/speak intensely, to be competitive
doing something to it’s fullest; doing something well;
In 2016, I got the opportunity to work for one of the greatest companies in the WORLD.
Playing the role as the the Consumer Experience Coach (Manager) at the Flagship store, leading a one on one service pilot program was by far one of the most memorable moments in my career. However, between navigating the workload of product launches, people development and doggonit, a high heel fashionista wearing SNEAKERS on a daily basis got the best of me. The stores anticipated closing lead me to look for other work opportunity but certainly birthed a love for the iconic company. In that time, I gained over 17 pounds. SEVENTEEN! I’m actively working on regaining my comfort in fashion and combining with the new love for active wear. But there’s so much more to achieve. And to obtain it all, I will “Go Blood”
Gap Crop Pants: $65.90
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