The Greatest Interview EVER: H&M Edition

This week, I’ve been lucky enough to attend the Greatest Interview Ever hosted by none other than H&M.

Hennes and Mauritz is the trendy international brand known to all of fashion. 
They’ve managed to cover most of the world with stores in North America, Europe, China, and most recently Chile in South America.
This past week, I’ve been able to reach the THIRD step in the interview process for a Department Manager position.
To keep the integrity of the interview, I’ll share a brief overview of what I’ve encountered. Otherwise, here is the 411 on interviewing with H&M
Step 1:  The Phone Interview
This is your first encounter. You’ll be asked questions based on your online application, work experience and history, store volume, etc. At the end of the interview, you may either here the famous FAIL phrase: “We’ll reach out to you for a date” or PASS with “when will you be available this/next week”.

Step 2. Interview at Headquarters
Here you’ll discuss your resume, and live examples of potential work scenarios. There may be two hiring managers. One focused more on generic questions and the other taking notes. Towards the end, you may sign off on a background check and be notified of a potential follow up interview if you pass.

Step 3. Interactive Interview
This is where it gets exciting. There will be 4 activities lasting 20 minutes with a small group of other applicants and 6 Managers who have traveled the country and world working with H&M. You’ll be seated in a room that has dope titles such as “Moscow” and “Argentina” for example. Snacks will be bowled all for the taking. Do NOT be shy, it’s all for you. Although a lengthy process, I have never been so intrigued and overwhelmed from an interview by a retail company. If you’re accustomed to the classic “What do you do when…”, be prepared for the actual “do when… During this portion of the interview, you’ll be doing a LOT of sweating, and moving so you may be asked to dress comfortably. Do just that. 
Not necessarily in converse and a hoodie but, ensure you represent the casual professionalism of the brand. Ladies, do not wear heels you’ll potentially want to change out of. I personally wore 2inch thick heels by the Gap, Sky blue ripped jeans by H&M, a Black tank with pink lining by H&M, and my favorite Bomber jacket by Brooklyn Industries.

To keep the integrity of the interview, I won’t share the EXACT details of what activities but I assure you, be yourself, be respectful, and I assure you, as much as it may seem, this is 100% NOT A COMPETITION. Try your best to use team work. Every single activity will show who you truly are in the heat of the moment, during stressful situations, and evaluate how you interact with your partners.

I’m not sure what my results are but despite the potential outcome, I’ve learned a great deal of who I am through this experience. Here are a few ideas of what to wear if you’re having any trouble!

Nadia of NAC Styles

Aimee Song from Song Of Style

Sharina Clarke

Click here to find out how it ended!
How did your experience go??

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  1. Hey Chloe! Sorry for the delayed response. I did end up getting the job which has me QUITE busy lately! The main advice I have for you is to stay true to yourself! The notes taken during the interview are going to be based on your genuine perspectives. In the interview, make sure your answers show ways of being innovative at work, solution driven, and use "ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT"

  2. Hey Chloe,

    I was wondering if you can give me some more details about the 3rd step, it would be very helpful so that I can get this job. Although this post has been extremely helpful I like to be prepared to, and I really need this job. Thanks alot

  3. Hey Sabrina! I'm no Chloe but, I DID receive the job and have hired several sales advisors since. I can't tell you exactly what activities you'll encounter considering they may switch it up but, basically, one activity focused on creating a business plan. Make sure your voice is heard and that you focus on completing your responsibilities. Help when needed an make sure you offer assistance to your team. Another activity focused on bouncing balls and building blocks. The management team will be evaluating your performance and ability to remember rules under pressure. The key to all activities is to remain helpful, organized, remember the rules and stay calm.

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  5. Helllooooooo, I would like to know, whats the fourth interview like? I did the interactive interview (wipes sweat) and now its time for the fourth interview. I'm really excited and really want to know what to expect.
    PS i LOVE the blog.

  6. Hi! Well, if they've made you aware of a fourth interview, you're pretty much in good standing. They will bring in an additional person who is an owner of another store (he or she may be the GM of your future store). They'll take a walk around the store with you and ask you what you've noticed that needs to be worked on. Loss Prevention, Maintenance, Window Display, Store Flow, Visual Merchandising flaws, employee engagement. You should be able to call out something slightly imperfect within the store.

  7. Hi Sharina. I am due for an interview for a VM position, and I would like to ask if I need to have my professional portfolio with me. I do have it online, and propably they have allready seen it as the website address is in my CV as well, but I was just wondering… 🙂

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