Too Much To Lose

Most recently, I learned shocking news about an amazing young soul.
Freddy E YouTube phenomenon, rapper, and comedian committed suicide.
Not only because he is…
He was…
A great person who’s goal were to simply make people laugh and become successful but, his death had me questioning what pushed him to make such a strong decision.
At only 22 years old, what situation could be so difficult?
Why didn’t he have anyone to talk to?
Then, I thought to myself.
In all truth and honesty…
Sometimes, things get a little too tough, the answers to the problems seem all to distant.
In those times, I realized I’m blessed with having too much to lose.
A loving mother.
A loyal sister.
A dream come true for a son.
But in those moments when those people are too far to reach and there’s no one to talk to,
What do you do?
How would you react to a friend in a desperate situation?
What do you do when you have no confidant or faith in God?
One truth I have in knowing is, 
I’ve been blessed with too much to lose.
 I hope that I can be good enough friend to stop the ones I love from any hurts or from making the wrong decision.
My Little Big Sis, Seanice

My Mummy and I

My cousin Christina and I
My Cooky cousin Merisa
My chipmunk Zac

Here are a few videos of support for Freddy E fans

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  1. This was beautiful Sharina! I was definitely shocked when this happened. Somebody who especially had so much promise. One thing I'm learning over and over is that you never know what people are going through and what their suffering consists of. The best thing we can do for ANYONE, even someone we may not get along with, is to treat them with respect and love. You never know when you're saving someone's life.

  2. What decision do you make when you, yourself are overwhelmed to what seems to be the point of no return? How do you handle this? Its sometimes embarrassing to share. How do you handle it?

  3. Seriously, I was as well. When you get to know someone and they take their life, it makes you wonder what you could have done to help and how you can intercept the lives of friends and help prevent them from making decisions similar. It's almost as if its contagious. I've seen waaayyy too many young people commit suicide within the past 3 weeks. Its tough.

  4. To the anonymous replier, you really need to talk to someone. I understand that sometimes people may not understand how you feel, but try to find a professional counselor or someone that you know is in a position to help you work through it. There are so many hotlines and websites that you can call or visit to help you through it. I'm a Christian, and I also promote the idea of finding a good church where you can hear a good Word and sound advice. Nothing is worth your life, so if you or someone you know is at that point, PLEASE find some help RIGHT AWAY!

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